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Project Description

Assignment 1 - Initial web 2.0 site idea and Subversion

  • Module - Web Application Development
  • University of Hertfordshire

This ASP.NET in VB.NET project consists of :
  1. The default page
  2. The about page
  3. The contact page

The Default page allows users to enter 2 numbers, and display their sum.
In this page are used :
  • Two text boxes (where the user inputs the numbers to add)
  • A label (that displays the result)
  • Two required field validators (that ensure that no blank inputs are allowed)
  • Two regular expression validators (that ensure that only numbers >= 0 are accepted)

The About page displays information about the module, tutor and the University.

The Contact page displays information about the author.

Author : Georgios Lymperopoulos

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